WOSU Exterior at Night

WOSU Public Media

The future of broadcast and online media is now.

After nearly 45 years in a repurposed campus airplane hangar and Fawcett Center, WOSU Public Media has a new corporate headquarters that reflects its commitment to community engagement.

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WOSU Stairs

WOSU Public Media’s new state-of-the-art headquarters is a leading example of the future of broadcast and online media operations. The space houses TV and radio studios, content production areas, a media learning lab, collaborative work places, and support spaces.

Translating WOSU’s story through the architecture of the building invites the public in, creating a sense of transparency and community engagement while connecting WOSU with its location as part of the arts district, 15th and High on the Ohio State University campus.


Throughout the design process, we continued to balance the programming needs with the desire to maintain the early conceptual visioning.


The highly technical nature of WOSU’s work led to collaboration with several team members and their specialties to help inform the end user’s needs early on to determine what the building needed to be. The visioning sessions also focused heavily on WOSU’s commitment to and values of honesty and transparency, which influenced our internal planning and exterior materials.

The resulting design features a “kit of spaces” that meet the diverse needs of the staff while meeting high acoustical standards through vertical isolation that keeps the acoustics inside. The new facility speaks to the organization’s values and addresses the future of public media content creation.


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  • CityColumbus, Ohio
  • Client WOSU Public Media
  • Year Completed 2021
  • Size of Project 53,000 SF
  • Recognition WOSU Public Media Headquarters, AIA Ohio Awards People's Choice Second Place