A&F Building R Employee Lounge/Cafe

Abercrombie & Fitch Corporate Offices – Building R

Fostering Collaboration and Inclusivity

Abercrombie & Fitch Building R consolidates the company’s marketing efforts under one roof by repurposing an existing building. The design blends new branding and finishes with the old on a tight budget to embrace the brand’s future.

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A&F Building R Marketing Lounge

The project transforms a former mock store into a centralized hub for marketing to maximize efficiency and communication among previously scattered teams. Emphasizing cost-effectiveness, the design reuses furniture and integrates new branding and finish palettes into the existing space. This strategic approach allows for easy implementation of design cues in future buildings and ensures a cohesive brand identity throughout the A&F campus.

Flexibility was key in accommodating the evolving nature of work. The building offers diverse workspaces, including private and open settings with soundproofing elements for productive virtual meetings. The building also incorporates different size photo studios – large, small, and spaces for flat photography that emphasize natural light.

A&F Building R Styling Closet
A&F Building R Hallway

The design balances industrial elements with warm tones, creating an inviting ambiance that fosters creativity and innovation.

A&F Building R Studio 96
A&F Building R Conference Room
A&F Building R Marketing Lounge

Through immersive visualizations and frequent client feedback, the design team ensured that the space not only met the practical needs of the staff and equal representation of A&F brands but also represented the core values and culture of the company. The design’s success is evident in the positive feedback from staff, who were actively engaged in the process, offering valuable insights through questions, testing, and collaborative efforts.


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  • CityNew Albany, Ohio
  • Year Completed 2023
  • Size of Project 58,000 SF, about 29,000 SF per floor
  • Collaborators Dupler Office