December 14, 2023 Posted by Alison Iven

Two New Senior Leaders


Meyers+Associates proudly acknowledges the leadership of two dedicated team members who consistently challenge themselves, elevate our projects, foster collaboration and teamwork, and contribute to positive transformation in our community.

Brian Peterson, AIA

Congratulations to Brian Peterson, AIA, as he steps into the role of Senior Architect. Brian first started as an intern at Meyers+Associates and has grown as an architect and leader within the firm through his depth of knowledge, willingness to take on new challenges, and cultivation of lasting relationships.

“Brian’s journey from a student intern to Senior Architect underscores his dedication to the profession and our firm. His trajectory and leadership centered around collaborative design, sustainability, and user experience has been a great benefit to the team, and we’re excited to see him continue to elevate our projects and those around him in this new role.” – Shawn Conyers, AIA, Principal Architect

Congratulations to Michelle C. Burmeister, NCIDQ, and her new role as Senior Interior Designer. Michelle’s work focuses on hospitality experiences, but it is her leadership, attention to detail, commitment to a collaborative practice, and community involvement have made her integral to the Meyers+Associates team.

“We’re very proud to announce Michelle’s elevation to Senior Interior Designer. With her experience in hospitality, she has crafted unique and visually stunning spaces. She has also become a vital voice at Meyers+Associates, inspiring us all to take greater roles in community organizations. As she steps into her new leadership role, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will continue to bring to our firm’s journey forward.” – Karen Dwyer, NCIDQ, Prinipal Interior Designer

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