Westerville Veterans Memorial Values Pavilion

Honoring and celebrating those who have served

The Westerville Veterans Memorial is an outdoor experience blending history, culture, art, and recreation to create a signature space for the community that honors those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

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New curved and winding paths continue from the landscape through the pavilion, encouraging patrons to experience the Westerville Veterans Memorial to its fullest. The duality of these paths and design cues contrasts the military service members’ journeys with their families while incorporating gardens, gathering spaces, and signage elements to enhance these explorations of the Memorial. Carefully integrated seating encourages visitors to stop and pause for reflection.


The pavilion’s unique form was designed to be both heavy and light.

Building on the landscape’s symbolism, the Values Pavilion uses form and materials to evoke a thoughtful and emotional response as the visitor travels through the Memorial. The two roof plans connect the visitor to the feeling of flight while varying the views to and away from the pavilion. This feeling of flight connects to the path of the armed forces, with their family represented in the solid and grounded concrete form.

Mirrored column covers and signage dot the Memorial’s pavilion and landscape, encouraging visitor reflection as they discover these subtle elements. Design constraints, such as existing utilities running under the site, existing service buildings, and surrounding recreation fields, were considered when initially locating the pavilion.

  • CityWesterville, Ohio
  • Client City of Westerville
  • Year Completed 2023
  • Size of Project 2,150 SF
  • Collaborators MKSK, Korda