Grandview Center at McKinley Park

The new Grandview Center at McKinley Park initiates a series of upgrades to both the park and administrative spaces in Grandview Heights, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to community investment. Designed in harmony with existing City recreation and park facilities, the center complements McKinley Field Park’s serene landscape. Its strategic placement near wooded areas, playgrounds, gardens, ballfields, and tennis courts enriches the range of programs available. The facility features a large activity room that opens onto expansive outdoor areas with many windows and exterior doors allowing open-air usage. Also included are a central hospitality kitchen and gathering space, a mid-sized activity room with a patio that overlooks future playgrounds, and administrative quarters.

The equilibrium between natural elements and contemporary design creates an inviting atmosphere, encouraging community engagement, immersion in nature, and an appreciation for elegance and simplicity. The interior palette, chosen by the City of Grandview, pays homage to the city’s colors, incorporating natural wood elements with sleek lines and contemporary design principles of modern interiors. The goal is to craft a space that radiates comfort, warmth, and a connection to nature while embracing a clean and minimalist design ethos.

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  • CityGrandview Heights, Ohio
  • ClientCity of Grandview
  • Size of Project5,000 SF
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